Player 1 Controls

  • W to jump
  • E to shoot

Player 2 Controls

  • I to jump
  • O to shoot

Rooftop snipers is a crazy pixel-based rooftop shooting game.  In this game, you will launch a tense and exciting shooting war.  Before your opponent, hit him and let him fall off the roof, so you can be regarded as winning. Otherwise, it is the opponent’s victory.

Rooftop snipers’ Game Rules

In Rooftop snipers, the one-person mode can be selected for self-challenge and match with the system.  Jump by W and shoot by E key;  Of course, you can also choose the duplex mode and play with your friends.  He can jump through I, O key attack.

Rooftop snipers game content

Its game is simple to operate, and its task is to defeat your opponent before he beats you and let him fall off the roof.  When your opponent is shooting, you need to jump up in time; otherwise, when you are injured, you will be impacted by great impact force and may fall off the roof at once.  Usually, there are five matches, and you can finally see whether you are a sharp Rooftop sniper.

Rooftop snipers’ Game Features

It has different modes to choose from;  Furthermore, Rooftop snipers have a productive environment and clothing to increase your visual experience.

Do you have confidence in your aiming ability?  If you want to have a test, then come to rooftop snipers.  For you and your enemies on the roof, you must successfully shoot them down from the ceiling before you can be counted as winning.  But it’s not that simple, you must press on, because only when others fly down can they be regarded as dead.  Diepio, who controls the tank, you must continuously upgrade yourself to have enough strength to fight against it.  Because when you are not strong enough in all aspects, you will only be abused.

Mahjong (Mahjong) is not unfamiliar to you. You only need to use your keen observation to click on two identical Mahjong pieces, and then the system will automatically connect them to eliminate them.  The same casual baby hazel needs you to dress up the lovely child well so that she can go to the dance and become a shining presence.

Animal coloring pages test not only your observation but also your patience.  You can choose your favorite animals for coloring, various contents, and enrich your choice. Text twist 2 is a puzzle game. You can spell words according to the given letters.  The more you write, the more correct the score.